Burglary protection for your home

The  patio door  secure, the  door  back up,  windows  backup – how do I protect my  home  against  burglars ?

It would be nice to be able to hire a team of private Baltimore, MD security officers, but it’s just not feasible.  We would like you to answer this question: On the following pages we have compiled for you the police recommendations for break-in protection for homes – from window locks on Valuables can be stored up to the plot planting.

3 pieces of advice for burglary protection

Whether your home is new and now include burglary protection in the planning or in the existing house or in the existing housing want to retrofit protection against burglary, three police recommendations we would like to give to a matter of principle:

1 DIN test for Safety

Make sure that the safety technology – whether mechanical or electronic intrusion protection burglary protection – DIN-tested. The relevant DIN standards and resistance classes can be found on the following pages and in our security lexicon.

2 mechanics before electronics

also recommends the police for private households as basic protection mechanical safety technology on  windows ,  doors  and all other endangered  building openings . Background: With mechanical protection against burglary can be prevented that the burglars in the first place in the house or apartment comes in and ensure your privacy violated.

Whoever wants to can additionally DIN tested robbery and burglary alarm system can be installed. About such a police recommended alarm system you should consider especially if particularly high value items are to be protected.

What security technology in an individual case for you and your home is correct, you do best with the police advisors of your police counseling clarify.

3 burglary protection by a specialized technician

Let the tested safety engineering by trained skilled craftsmen install. What use is the best DIN tested burglary protection, if it was installed incorrectly?