Differences and similarities between an officer and a security guard

There are 2 types of professionals that provide security services: security guards and security officers. Both protect, but in a different way. Each one has its own duties and training, as well as its different work functions. What they protect The security guard “protects” fixed structures, such as a building or other location, and is […]

How to install security bars in your windows

How to install security bars in your windows. Since they are generally out of sight of neighbors or hidden behind bushes, the basement windows are an easy spot for thieves to enter. Replacing the standard window glass with unbreakable polycarbonate (Plexiglas), cutting bushes and having strong closures on the windows will help prevent entries. However, […]

How to promote safety ideas in the workplace

Workplace safety includes preventing accidents, developing constructive relationships among coworkers, and establishing a safe environment. The ideas of safety at work can be promoted effectively. An unsafe work environment affects the health of employees and the productivity of the company and can increase costs due to increased insurance and damage to equipment. Make safety a […]

Is it necessary to have a security system

“Security for the home” not only refers to houses, this term is also valid for departments. Landlords or tenants have possessions as valuable as those owned by homeowners, so both are equally vulnerable. To rob an apartment they use different modalities. Among the best known we have the ‘”escalation”. In general, criminals plot their crimes […]

Security for children

Simulation games are natural for today’s children, so it makes sense to use that instinct to teach your child safety. Role playing simply means setting up a scenario related to a security issue and letting your child act as if he or she were going to handle the situation in the real world. With the […]

How to get a driver’s license without a social security number

Although the Social Security Administration states that a Social Security number is not necessary to obtain a driver’s license, it is one of the most convenient ways to prove citizenship and is considered a requirement for most DMVs (Department of Motor Vehicles). Motorized) of the state. Since 2001, many states have worked to change their […]

Safety tips and protection under the sun

Spending time outdoors is something we do frequently during spring or summer vacations, but remember to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. We are all at risk of sunburn. Children especially need to be protected from the sun’s rays because sun damage happens more frequently in childhood. As with any burn, sunburn leaves the skin […]

Security advice in a building

Appropriate security techniques can help prevent crime and keep unwanted visitors from entering a building. By investing in effective security systems, building owners can protect their assets and at the same time keep the occupants safe. Make safety plans from the beginning of the design When an architect is hired to design a building, he […]

Security bars for children

Characteristics of window protectors Window protectors look like safety bars, but can not be used interchangeably. Most window protections are made of aluminum or steel, but the bars must be no more than 4 inches 10.16 cm) apart so that the child can not slip between them. The bars are removable and come in sizes […]

Security tips to protect your crypto currencies

Although Bit coins and other crypto currencies are not easy to steal in principle. Its value and the expertise of hackers, to find any security flaw, determines that the appropriate security measures must be adopted for the protection of any type of investment in crypto currencies. To protect Bitcoin it is convenient to adopt the […]