Seven tips to improve security and privacy in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application on the market. WhatsApp continues to grow in users and features under the umbrella of Facebook after paying for it a whopping 19,000 million dollars. As with any mass impact service, malware creators and distributors have long put WhatsApp in the spotlight and there are many malicious […]

Standard operating procedures for security guards

The standard operating procedures for security guards help maintain an effective working environment by clearly signaling to police and uniformed officers the policies and procedures that security guards must adopt and apply in their daily work. Every company in which a security guard works has a different manual of standard operating policies and procedures (SOP). […]

Security systems for home

In recent years the burglaries have increased by 73%, according to the latest study by Hotline. Safety or lack of risk is a need for all humans to feel protected. But what happens when you do not feel safe in your own home? The figures are categorical, since the beginning of the crisis in 2009, […]


Security systems for homes do not prevent a break in the safety of our home directly. The best home systems allow you to control everything that happens in your home from wherever. These systems are very flexible. Security systems and alarms for homes and businesses are no exception. These systems must meet all the requirements […]

Security systems for home

Security at home: equipment increased use Due to the wave of crime registered worldwide, many people are seeking ways to protect your family and belongings opting for buying systems that provide security that requires your home. Security systems that today are sold in various shops are varied and come to provide different functions, with the […]

Security systems cottages

Something that has to be clear is that security systems for garden or home does not consist of a single element, such as an alarm. A security system consists of several measures that complement each other and play different roles. For something it is called system because it involves many elements. Summer vacations are close […]


Public Schools are committed to maintaining a safe and organized for students and employees learning. The school system employs 61 researchers / consultants, 126 security assistants, 4 supervisors, supervisor of technical services, 12 technicians in security, an assistant supervisor and a director. Each high school has two investigators / resident advisors, school resource officer and […]

Security measures to be taken at home before going on holiday

Do not get carried away by the excitement of the holiday summer without first making sure everything at home is under control so that when they return not encounter any unpleasant news. This is to make small actions at home to prevent fire damage or theft, since the highest rate of robberies in residential homes […]


Are very recurrent consultations professionals workplace received regarding the legal possibilities that companies have within their powers of control and direction in relation to the possibility of installing in their centers cameras work security and surveillance. As a preliminary matter, we must always clarify and discern whether such measures are adopted in places of transit […]

Security cameras he knows all its advantages

Now that summer is near, and with it the holidays, we should stop to think about the best way to protect our home , commerce , business , etc. … of thieves and rogues, and leveraging these dates that we are not at home or in our workplace to commit theft . Today, the security […]