Security and self – care

Fundamentals of School Security The Ministry of Education of Chile, through the Support Unit Mainstreaming, in its constant search for new paths and educational contributions to provide technical support to the teachers in the country, has deemed it necessary to make available to the School Community, material “Security and self-care.” Considering the specificity of the […]

Security and home the 10 basic tips

In this post we face the relationship between security and home. Along with an alarm system in our home, and although sometimes we forget, the first thing to do is not forget the good use and prevention. Sometimes, sometimes by simple forgetfulness and other caused by the hectic world in which we live, we make […]

Safety Tips to keep your home safe during Easter holidays

The Easter holidays approach and sure many of you already have planned a getaway. If you want to go quiet and not find any unpleasant surprise around, notes the following guidelines that give us from the launch by the Ministry of Interior, in order to raise public awareness of the importance of improving safety in […]


During holidays or long breaks as many thefts, accidents or fires in homes, and road traffic accidents occur. Pops these reasons it is important to prevent and consider some aspects related to security in our homes. The fee will never be more prevention and provides us the peace and security of our properties, whether many […]

How to protect your vacant house

 When you put your home up for sale, do not forget to be kept well maintained. If busy must be taken for the safety of its residents, but if vacant, also need to follow a few steps: Leave the house closed well Before you leave, make sure doors and garage advantages are closed. Leave the […]

How to protect your home from theft

Theft is one of the most common crimes in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Justice The thieves not only steal the victim’s belongings, but can also deprive the owner’s sense of security. After a robbery, instead of feeling helpless, you must work to protect your home. You can reduce the risk […]

How to protect the house from thieves

Increase in summer burglaries in homes. Many citizens are, returning from holiday; with the door of his house and forced prove that your valuables are gone. This not only causes economic loss, but also great emotional harm. Want a home burglar proof? Read: we review the measures to be taken to protect the home. Unfortunately, […]

How to protect a house burglar proof windows

The windows give character and light to your home, but can also be your biggest security risk. Burglars and intruders look through your windows to determine if you’ll be his next target, and often use these windows as the entry point to your home. Make your windows burglar proof can be achieved either by ensuring […]

How to program an alarm system ADT

So you have your new ADT alarm system installed and ready to run. You’re excited that your home will now be safe from theft and not have to worry about your personal belongings. However, you are not ready yet. Your system is completely useless unless you know how to program. The technicians who installed the […]

How to monitor my neighborhood

Crimes can happen anywhere and anytime. If you are concerned about the safety of your community, you can create a neighborhood watch group. It is difficult for police to monitor the strange behavior of individuals on a regular basis. For this reason, members of the community provide a wider scope of the police force, giving […]