How to make an alarm system using laser

A trap or alarm system can be as simple as a rope attached to an aluminum can full of stones. When the foot of someone trips over the cord , the can falls and makes noise, informing the presence of an intruder. An alarm system that does the same laser used to alert you to […]

How to install a security chain on a door

How to install a security chain on a door. Standard locks door handle do little to deter a cunning criminal. You may need to install a security chain on a door to keep your family and belongings safer. The chain locks allow you to open a door partially to see who is there, rather greet […]

How to install a lock on a steel door

Install a lock on a steel door may sound intimidating, but with the right tools, it is a simple task. Steel doors are easy to drill using a bimetal saw crown and a drill electric. Most moderately skilled amateur can complete this task in a half hour. You will need Goggles or safety glasses Tape […]

How to Install a DVR Surveillance System

Some DVR systems can store more than a month of video activity. Perfect for frequent travelers and business enterprises, these systems allow you to view the recorded video at your own pace. There are three different types of DVR surveillance systems: those that use DVR cards, which use a DVR interface and using a dedicated […]

How to do a home alarm system

Alarm systems are based on a very simple system: a loud noise and a means for activation. Alarm systems for luxury use radio signals to keep several components online and can take many security measures, such as alerting the police or medical services. By applying the basic principles, you can make an alarm system with […]

How to deal with vandalism at home

Vandalism in the home violates your sense of safety and security personnel. You should feel safe in the comfort of your home, but once a home is destroyed, you lose security personnel. It should take important steps to ensure a home to provide security exists. Vandalism is a violation of the safety and rights of […]