How to connect a security camera to a PC

A security camera for indoor or outdoor surveillance connected to a PC with an Ethernet or USB one, depending on the model cable. Security cameras usually come with the program on a CD-ROM to be loaded to your PC so you can process the signal from the camera. To make a direct connection to the […]

How to reset an alarm system homey

One in four U.S. households has security alarm. Distributors often perform the installation for free to owners with a commitment to monitoring and maintenance. When that commitment ends, however, many homeowners decide to use their alarm system idly, without connecting to the alarm monitoring service or alert police or firefighters. Normally owners need to reset […]

How to change the password for an ADT alarm system

Having an alarm system in your home or place of your business can provide an additional sense of security. However, when many individuals have access to your alarm codes that may pose a security risk. This situation occurs especially when ex-employees or other individuals who were assigned a key but it is no longer necessary […]

How to catch a thief

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we need to be constantly alert to individuals who want to steal. Maybe you have previously stolen either at home or in your workplace and you’re hoping to catch this person in the act again. You can use several methods to catch a thief. Instructions Installs an internal […]

Camera types

Each facility meets a number of special features so it is important to spend time choosing good cameras that will select for the surveillance of our business. What types of cameras can I find? Interior Cameras The simplest cameras are to be found inside. No need night vision underwater case or because they are in […]

Burglary protection on doors

Entrance The entrance door is still the most commonly used way of burglars in an apartment or a house. Simple locks and fittings provide a sufficient safety here. Doors are propped open with brutal methods, drawn cylinder or canceled. Contrast, are recommended by police and insurers necessarily additional locks and fittings. Security fittings The security […]