Burglary protection in rental properties

Measures for protection against burglary as barred windows, security door locks or door viewers are the thieves complicate their “craft”. But cannot ask his landlord, the tenant that this investment in such security measures. Safety-enhancing alterations, the tenant would have to pay themselves. Before a tenant gets going on your own with the conversion work, […]

Burglar store systems (EAS), how do they work?

What are the most effective anti-theft systems for stores? Security experts say the most effective anti-theft in store burglar tools are CCTV (closed circuit television camera) and alarm systems labeling , better known as EAS (Electronic article surveillance) . Separately, they are good choice. But used together, the surveillance cameras and systems protection items are […]

Better safe than sorry

Safety precautions to prevent burglary If you are on vacation: Avoid sign of absence. If you go on vacation, make sure that someone empties the mailbox, and also takes the ads from the door. Avoid information on your answering machine that you are not at home, and certainly not when you come back only. Subscribed […]