Differences and similarities between an officer and a security guard

There are 2 types of professionals that provide security services: security guards and security officers. Both protect, but in a different way. Each one has its own duties and training, as well as its different work functions.

What they protect

The security guard “protects” fixed structures, such as a building or other location, and is what is known as a “vigilante.” Instead, the security officer’s performance is more flexible as it can respond to various emergency situations. until the police arrive and generally has the task of protecting people in dangerous situations.

Difference in tasks

Security guards have no greater responsibility outside of protecting a building against possible fires and ensuring the preservation of the integrity of the property. The officer has more elaborate protocols that include a wide range of tasks and responsibilities.

Differences in the training they receive

The security guards are seen as a human alarm system that when triggered, reports the incidents, for this reason, they do not have a great training. Instead, security officers are generally in charge of assisting in those incidents, and for this reason they receive the training to apply the law appropriately.

Differences in the choice of personnel

Most security guards are physically fit for the position that may or may not have some previous experience. Security officers are often required to have at least some prior experience in the application of the law.

The salaries

Security guards receive a basic salary level within the scope of protective services and, as such, are paid on average equal to or higher than the minimum wage ordered by the state. The security officers, due to their higher level of responsibilities, training, and experience, their pay is equal to or similar to that of the local police and prison staff in their community.