How to promote safety ideas in the workplace

Workplace safety includes preventing accidents, developing constructive relationships among coworkers, and establishing a safe environment. The ideas of safety at work can be promoted effectively. An unsafe work environment affects the health of employees and the productivity of the company and can increase costs due to increased insurance and damage to equipment. Make safety a priority in your workplace.

Appoints a company security officer responsible for making sure that security policies are followed along with federal and state laws. Make the coordinator responsible for implementing safety awareness programs.

Have mandatory monthly safety meetings with all employees, managers and executives. Have each person join the meeting to verify their attendance and make attending these meetings part of the annual performance review criteria.

Make one week each month the safety awareness week during which employees receive materials about company safety policies and then test these policies at the end of the week. Reward employees who scored well on tests with an early dismissal on one of the following days.

Print safety posters that include quick reminders about company rules and images that help convey the message. For example: use a photo of someone falling down the stairs to emphasize the importance of security on the office stairs. Show the posters throughout the company.

Place collection boxes within the company where employees can anonymously report violations of security policies. It also offers a discrete system by which employees can report verbal abuse, sexual harassment or intimidation by other employees.


Getting employees involved in explaining how to follow safety procedures can save lives and prevent downtime in the company. Consider implementing a bonus program where employees receive a small bonus at the end of the year if the company improves its safety record.