How to protect the house from thieves

Increase in summer burglaries in homes. Many citizens are, returning from holiday; with the door of his house and forced prove that your valuables are gone. This not only causes economic loss, but also great emotional harm. Want a home burglar proof? Read: we review the measures to be taken to protect the home.

Unfortunately, burglaries are very common nowadays … and more during the absences of the owners.

But the fact remains that it is perfectly possible to get a home protected against theft by combining deterrents, mechanical and electronic security systems. Of course, every house is different and, therefore, security measures must be designed for the characteristics of each property.

As a first step: put in place of the thief, home runs for weak spots, especially access, strengthen them and try to prevent or delay the entry of intruders.

Caution and common sense: the best protection

  • When leaving home should not forget doors or windows open, and completely turn the key to secure the lock perform its function.
  • Never “hide” the key on the outside (under the mat, vases, etc..), Better let a copy to someone you trust.
  • Do not open the door to strangers. Beware of technical services that occur without warning and, before opening the door, always use “filters” as the intercom, the sight or the safety chain.
  • If you are away for an anticipated time, sure to leave all tightly closed access.
  • Be discreet when discussing the absence and asks you to be as yours: avoids giving details on social networks or comment people you know little. However, it is a good idea to notify nearby neighbors who will not be at home to see if they suspect any unusual movement.
  • Take steps to give the impression that the house is occupied (eg, ask someone you trust to empty the mailbox or better yet, install an electronic controller to activate at certain times some lights, TV, etc… And it look like someone).

Protect access

Putting hoes aid difficult. We may impede access to housing if we put elements of quality assurance in hits (security doors, bars on windows, etc…) And a good alarm system. The mechanical elements help us to hinder the entry of intruders, while alarm signal when the raid occurred.

A few tips to enhance your home:

  • Reinforce doors in both leaf and in the framework. There are doors of all types, from hardwood to armored or armored, with the interior and one or two steel plates.
  • Also install a good lock that has several anchor points and cylinder with anti-drill security shield. If your lock has only one anchor point, you should have an additional lock.
  • Some doors have other security features such as the strike, a metal insert in the fence where the latches engage when the key is turned.
  • Thieves also tend to access housing and breaking the glass window frames. Different bolt locking systems depending on the type of window blinds also available.
  • The most resistant crystals sometimes are costly. As a compromise, you can install a double layer glass or plastic film. Bars and bars offer very good protection, but hinder exit in case of emergencies.

Increasingly alarms are installed

The number of households with electronic security system grows gradually. It is important to place the elements of the alarm system in the most appropriate manner, according to the room layout and customs of the inhabitants of the house.

  • The keyboards to turn the system are placed in the access and often work with sufficient delay for the user has time to disarm the system. It is advisable to have a duress code, because if you are forced to disarm the system, the security company can act without thieves notice them.
  • The central control is that which receives and processes signals and triggers the alarm. Is usually placed at discrete locations near electric and telephone connection.
  • Detectors should be well placed to properly cover all areas of the property. These electronic equipment captures motion abnormalities, broken windows and some have built-camera.
  • In large homes or multiple floors is important to perform a “zoning”, ie, determine different zones that can be activated independently, for example, to keep sensor activated night only in some areas.

You’ll find details in a home burglar proof.

The alarm system maintenance is as important as proper design. Requires at least an annual review. The central alarm control have a bidirectional system, i.e. emitting signals to the company that manages the security, but also an operator can carry out checks on the house from the company to verify proper operation.

In addition, there are systems with which the user can control the PBX via mobile. If you go for one, make sure it meets the quality standard EN 50131.

Invest in security

Improving the security of your home costs money … but you can get away with it. A good door, quality windows, locks, etc…they are an investment that pays off if a few basic precautionary prinicpios observed.

If you go for an electronic security, you can welcome you aa one of the Onstar Savings, which proliferate in the summer months, but read the fine print before, to take no surprises at the end.

Security firms usually visit first housing to detect the specific needs and offer a budget line.

The price of the system varies widely, but about 500 USD you can have a basic but complete system (central, GPS or GPRS, two way communications, a keyboard with possibility of “zoning” with radio installation, a magnetic detector, and two motion, and a mermaid). To this must be added the cost of the installation. Also, keep in mind the monthly servicing, usually up at 20-30 USD per month. At these prices, we must add VAT.

If you are installing a system that you can manage directly through the mobile market there are several options depending on their complexity, from 30 to 300 USD.