How to protect your vacant house

 When you put your home up for sale, do not forget to be kept well maintained. If busy must be taken for the safety of its residents, but if vacant, also need to follow a few steps:

Leave the house closed well

  • Before you leave, make sure doors and garage advantages are closed. Leave the curtains closed, preventing it sees that there is vacant or objects of interest to thieves.
  • If the locks are in poor condition, it is better to buy new.

Grammar well maintained

  • Not only is it important to look good when it comes to future buyers, but it is also your obligation to the community.
  • A careless with high grass and untrimmed trees, courtyard gives the feeling of an abandoned house, which are sometimes used by people to stay there without permission, or make mischief nights sleep.

Use lights that are activated by time

  • If your house is a newly built may have installed the lighting system that is activated by remote control. If so, or you installed it on your own, leave it running when you vacate the property until it is sold.
  • Having a couple of lights on at night, the feeling that someone is home, which is especially important in neighborhoods with crime problems.
  • Check that the motion lights work or new installations
  • These alone are activated when someone approaches the house. They are good to discourage foreign entry without permission and are not expensive, if you have to install new.

Do not leave valuables

  • Do not let jewelry or personal items (that few homeowners left in a vacant house), nor televisions, computers and video games, among other items.
  • These draw attention to people who come to see the house, and want to return later to steal, or those who go through it and see through the windows.

Check safety systems

  • If the house has an alarm, make sure it works. Must also maintain active, battery (batteries), fire detectors. Which the house is empty and unused, minimizes fire risks but not eliminate them. Short circuits, forest fires or any criminal act may affect it.

Get connected basic services

  • It’s a good idea to leave the house with water and electricity. That way, you can leave on the air conditioner, you have water in case your visitors using the bathroom, or you may have to clean the house, which actually stays cleaner and odor-free when water and light.
  • The monthly cost for this item is minimal if no water leaks and well control the thermostat of your air, if you have central air.
  • Disconnect or turn off electrical equipment you do not use and left on the essential.
  • Among those who leave are pinned central air conditioners. In the U.S., houses that have, whether it is in hot and humid environment may develop fungus if closed and hot. You can set the thermostat to a temperature maintenance, you will not consume much electricity.

Check the validity of the insurance required

  • You must maintain insurance necessary to have the mortgage on the property, or to ensure your peace of mind such as hurricanes, floods or any personal cover to protect you.

Fulfill your commitments owner

  • You will have to keep paying taxes, fees or residents associations pool maintenance, if that’s the case. It remains your responsibility until the day of closing.