Is it necessary to have a security system

“Security for the home” not only refers to houses, this term is also valid for departments. Landlords or tenants have possessions as valuable as those owned by homeowners, so both are equally vulnerable.

To rob an apartment they use different modalities. Among the best known we have the ‘”escalation”. In general, criminals plot their crimes regardless of whether it is day or night and look for empty apartments with easy access, that do not have much security and that has the best escape routes. More than 30 percent of criminals enter the apartments through the window or through an open door. For these reasons, it is important to consider and invest in security measures for departments, which will keep your possessions and those of your family safe.

Even if the building does not come with an efficient security system, it is in your hands to take the appropriate security measures. And yes, even if you are a tenant. Whether you rent an apartment or own one, you have the right to protect where you live. However, if you are a tenant you will probably want to inform the owner of the apartment about your need to have a security system, especially if it requires any type of installation.

What security options for departments do I have at my disposal?

Some security measures for departments are simple and can be done quickly. A first step is to make sure that all windows and doors have strong locks and that they are always kept closed when there is no one or at night while everyone is asleep. This measure automatically makes it more difficult to enter the department, especially if the thief is armed with nothing more than a couple of tools for domestic use, such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and small levers. If your apartment has sliding glass doors or a balcony, be sure to install a special reinforcement to prevent or at least limit the complete opening of the door.

Another option is to invest in a security system for departments, which offers more benefits compared to standard locks and other security measures. An alarm system will alert not only you, but your neighbors and possibly the police or serene (in the case of a monitored system) that the criminal has entered or is trying to enter your department. Look for security kits with motion detection lights , light timers or even security cameras for departments. Remember, if you live in a rented apartment you should consult the owner before taking this measure.

Should the security system be connected or wireless?

Probably, a security system with connection is not the best option; however, you can find a variety of wireless security systems that are perfectly suited to the department. Also, if you are not the owner, it is better to have a wireless system; since when you want to move, it will be impossible to remove the system, if you have purchased one with connection. Also, you will not want to invest in a house where you will not stay for a long time. Often, you can install wireless systems yourself without having to hire a technician, which reduces your cost even more.

What is the most appropriate security system for my department?

If you are seriously considering obtaining a security system for your department, you have several options to choose from. Although the choice of security system will not depend so much on the type of housing, it will be an important criterion to consider in order to determine the points of risk.

However, if you want more control of your home, the market companies have developed mobile applications to take advantage of the connectivity provided by technological tools and smartphones oriented to security. Currently, a large percentage of security alarms incorporate this service. Finally, recommended that to all this, additions some complementary tools for greater security. Among them we can include the classic locks reinforced, as well as bars, which are always our allies in the fight to drive away criminals.

We hope that this information will help you to take into account the importance of having a security system for your department. You must bear in mind that all these possibilities require a large investment of money, however, it is an investment worth doing for the sake of our security.