During holidays or long breaks as many thefts, accidents or fires in homes, and road traffic accidents occur. Pops these reasons it is important to prevent and consider some aspects related to security in our homes. The fee will never be more prevention and provides us the peace and security of our properties, whether many or few. In this case we refer to safety at home. To act we must learn to identify security risks in our environment.

Risks can be internal or external, known as weaknesses and threats. You can make a list of each, and then decide considerations with each of the risks. Regularly weaknesses found in propane gas installations, the power grid housing, lockable doors in poor condition, exposed windows and patios without security.

Among the most common threats are ravines, vacant lots, commercial establishments that use propane or busy streets for vehicles. In each place security solutions vary, but in all the most important factor is that it should aim to protect life and property. Eliminate exposure to danger and not attract criminals.

There are general recommendations that can help to keep a check on the situation directly or through others.

  • A security system which includes alarm monitoring, panic button patrol arrival is usually a good choice. If no budget can be supported with trusted neighbors.
  • If you are leaving your residence be careful not print that housing is alone. Always tell the sentry boxes condominium, family or friends who live nearby on the days he will not be. So they can spend every day checking the house.
  • Consider using lights with motion sensors in backyards, garages and areas facing the street or neighborhoods.
  • If you lost a key to the entrance to the house, change the lock. Use industrial locks. They are more expensive, but provide a much greater than the simple protection.
  • If you come to your home and believes someone outside input, do not enter. Seek professional help.
  • If indoors and a thief tries to enter shelter in a secure room, and then immediately call for help. Anyway, if you were to find against the offender, do not resist. You know how many and what kind of weapons they have. Confronting material things is not worth it.
  • If you knock on the door never open fully without knowing who he is. At holiday time is rare arriving street vendors knocking on your door, so be wary of any unusual situation.
  • Always talk to all family members and domestic service about the dangers, the risks of their list and how to respond to an emergency situation. A family practice is a good time to share and learn about emergencies.
  • If you have subscriptions received outside his home, call to ask not keep in their absence. This prevents accumulate and be an announcement of his absence.
  • Keep a list of serial numbers and photographs of all the expensive appliances in your home, to claim them if necessary. One of those listings allow them to view and prevent the thief steal identifiable objects.
  • If you have a medical emergency or outbreak of fire in your home has emergency equipment nearby. A pre hospital care kit and at least one extinguisher apparatus may be of much use.
  • If you have questions about how to deal with emergencies seek professional help, firefighters, police and Conrad.