Safety Tips to keep your home safe during Easter holidays

The Easter holidays approach and sure many of you already have planned a getaway. If you want to go quiet and not find any unpleasant surprise around, notes the following guidelines that give us from the launch by the Ministry of Interior, in order to raise public awareness of the importance of improving safety in our homes during the days we are out.

The Forces of State Security have developed these 10 tips:

  1. Close well doors and windows. Close always locked, including courtyards and basements.
  2. Reinforces surveillance, if you live outside the village and illuminates the entrance, porch and front or backyards.
  3. Make your home appear inhabited. Not completely disconnect electricity, do not close completely blinds or shutters. Put up automatic timers that turn on and off lights. Ask a neighbor to collect your mail and leave a phone number where to reach you.
  4. Save valuables in a safe place, such as a safe. Do not leave anything in sight. Prepares inventory with serial numbers of electronic equipment, make and model and fotografias. It will be easier to recover them in case of theft.
  5. Evict discuss your plans on social networks, and duration. If you have children, make sure they do not.
  6. Do not open the door or portal to strangers. Accepts only services that you have previously requested (water, electricity, telephone, gas …) and when they occur in your home requires that you teach your accreditation.
  7. If you find the door of your open house or a broken, do not go window. Calling from outside the police (091) or the Civil Guard (062). Do not touch anything not to destroy any evidence.
  8. The anonymous citizen cooperation contributes to the safety of all…
  9. Citizen collaboration is fundamental. For thieves, all eyes are security cameras. If you see something suspicious people loitering around housing or vehicles, giving notice.
  10. Avoid risks. Never do against a thief enters your home. Go out and ask for help.