Security advice in a building

Appropriate security techniques can help prevent crime and keep unwanted visitors from entering a building. By investing in effective security systems, building owners can protect their assets and at the same time keep the occupants safe.

Make safety plans from the beginning of the design

When an architect is hired to design a building, he meets with construction management to determine layout and structure. Unfortunately, both security and maintenance are rarely included in these meetings. To ensure the best possible safety, it is important that these individuals get involved from the beginning of the project. They can provide information regarding traffic flow, entry of visitors and employees and how maintenance and delivery areas should be handled.

Choose safe doors and locks

When selecting exterior doors, choose steel or fiberglass instead of wood units. Make sure all doors have solid cores and not glass panels. Choose Grade 1 locks for a maximum level of security and make sure that all roof hatches and access doors are guaranteed.

Electronic key control

In many office buildings, most managers and maintenance employees have master keys, if one of them is lost, the security of the entire building will be compromised. Consider using electronic key cards instead. An electronic system facilitates continuous security by being able to immediately reprogram the locks when a card is lost.

Outside areas

Keep the exterior walls and the well-lit surrounding land better protects the occupants and reduces theft. Invest in security cameras, allow guards to monitor the outdoor spaces.