Security and home the 10 basic tips

In this post we face the relationship between security and home. Along with an alarm system in our home, and although sometimes we forget, the first thing to do is not forget the good use and prevention. Sometimes, sometimes by simple forgetfulness and other caused by the hectic world in which we live, we make decisions that can make our home a more unsafe place.

One of the first goals we want to achieve from this blog security Tyco is promoting this security in all its aspects, especially in the field of safety and home, which first and foremost explain a few simple tips, easy to remember and quick to perform, to make protecting our home a continuous exercise, intended to develop this concept present always.

And avoid unpleasant surprises, making our home a safer place. So here we go with the advice that you should never forget to improve safety in your home:

And home security: concepts easy to apply

  • First, do not open the door to strangers, you always have to see before through the peephole who is on the other side. You will say that normally we always do. But sometimes we forget. Many times we miss that for example in thrillers open the door almost without question, allowing free access to intruders. Do not make us the same, even if we hurry!
  • Do not leave the keys in the locks, even if someone at home. Obviously not out (which surely more than one has happened, why deny it) or inside.
  • If possible, do not have much money at home, jewelry or other valuables. And above all, do not leave valuables in places visible through the windows. Theft can be caused unintentionally self, leaving these objects in view of the offender.
  • Make use of the security measures you have available, even if your absence will be brief. Put all the safety tips and activates alarms and intrusion detectors in your home practice.
  • Takes note of the serial number of valuable electronic items. It will help facilitate identification in case of theft. It’s something you do not normally do, but thanks to this little detail everything will be easier.
  • Never keep the checkbook with documents that is your signature. No need to explain the reason.
  • Do not flaunt jewelry, wealth or property, as it may attract thieves. It’s like what to leave valuables near windows. The more you look like you have, the more likely they notice you. Safety and protection starting to be aware of this.
  • If you’re going to live in a house that until recently has been inhabited by other people, change the locks as soon as possible. How many more people have those keys will never know. The same is only the former owners. Or they needed and neighborhood environment because they watered the plants when they went on vacation.
  • When you enter or leave your vehicle in the garage check that no one enters while the door is open. We all know that the systems of automatic closing of these doors have a response time sometimes quite high that would allow access to intruders if we are not pending avoid it.
  • Doors and windows ensures adequate locks and if possible placed lights around your home (depending of course on the type of housing). This is a system of protection and security of your essential home.