Security and self – care

Fundamentals of School Security

The Ministry of Education of Chile, through the Support Unit Mainstreaming, in its constant search for new paths and educational contributions to provide technical support to the teachers in the country, has deemed it necessary to make available to the School Community, material “Security and self-care.”

Considering the specificity of the subject, the material provides information and general and specific guidelines for different policy areas that are considered of vital importance for children and young people are integrated into society with the right skills to enable them to develop their condition responsible citizens. The material that we offer has been developed from the perspective of the current curriculum framework for Basic Education.

This material has been prepared by the Ministry of Education with valuable technical input from professionals who make up the National Commission on School Safety and enable the teachers to incorporate through their teaching practices, thematic in sectors and subsectors transversely learning, fostering in students the knowledge of Fundamentals of School Safety.

Cartilage Risk Prevention and School Safety

The issue of school safety is treated considering a General Framework and Legal Framework, then find the Fundamentals of School Safety, which have been established and defined by the Support Unit Mainstreaming, according to test results, experience cumulative and studies by professionals. The overall objective of this material is to promote the students’ knowledge, attitudes and skills aimed at strengthening them self-care, risk prevention and care of their social, cultural and natural environment, as also the performance of their duties and rights as future citizens.

Cartilage Seaboard and School Safety

The Chilean Navy, through the Directorate General of Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine, is constantly concerned to safeguard human life at sea, and thus all the activities that take place inside.

This institution is constantly worried about the security of all inhabitants of the country in which children and young people occupy a very important place. From the perspective of self-care and school safety, and to promote the prevention and avoid accidents, this material is made with some recommendations that could potentially save the life of a pupil.

In addition to the teachers and teachers have tools and general background to enable them to incorporate it into their teaching practices. General and specific recommendations for those pupils and students who live and study in places which I TRANSFER must necessarily be carried by sea are incorporated.

Likewise, there are other places where the teachers in the teaching process, student learning and teaching practices, have considered some activities such as educational outings, guided visits, study tours and other activities that support the Study program, and enrich the formal curriculum, providing teachers with the tools to deliver labor, for taking responsible decisions and actions against unsafe conditions at the time they face a shipping.

This material meets simple recommendations to prevent accidents and thus ensure the safety of human life at sea.

Traffic Safety “An entertaining outdoor activity”

This is a work proposal for the incorporation of “Traffic Safety” in the different sectors and subsectors of learning, according to the curriculum of Basic Education. It consists of an educational activity that is designed according to the current curriculum framework and from a recreational perspective, through which students can interact in entertaining games in various situations of daily life that are closely related to the “Security in transit. ” The overall objective of this taboo is to promote awareness and respect for rules and basic traffic rules, identification, prevention and forecasting latent risks on public roads, self-care and self-protection, contributing to the enhancement of values ​​and positive behaviors for adequate and harmonious coexistence in the public space.

Electricity, Fuel and School Safety

This is a job that clearly presents what are currently the major forms of energy used in the world and what their origins; this material through a series of guides for students and teachers on basic rules and tips of precaution and prevention with the use of these elements are established. Regarded as a whole, the achievement of the Transversal Fundamental Objectives and allows students to take the security and self-care with appropriate measures to control the risk factors conceptual, attitudinal and behavioral tools; meet and take a stand against actions and unsafe conditions, assuming a critical attitude responsible decision making when facing them.

Safety Week

This material shows an educational and recreational activities organized by the Ministry of Education through the Support Unit Mainstreaming, the National Traffic Safety Commission (CONASET) and Carabineers de Chile.

This activity has been conducted since 2001 simultaneously in the country, with each educational establishment plan it, organize it and celebrate it according to their own local situation and environment, without altering its normal functioning.

Meanwhile, teachers will integrate these activities into their teaching practices, relating them to the sectors and subsectors learning. In the case of teachers who attend the 1st basic cycle and are generalists, we suggest planning an Integrative teaching unit or project Classroom of the same characteristics that considers security issues contingent Transit, according to the characteristics to consider issues students, the reality of the environment around the school and the relationship with the way that students must travel daily from home to school and vice versa.

The overall objective of this project is to establish a permanent integration between the culture of the school, the home and the environment, developing in children social, communicational and emotional skills, to support a process of awareness and informed decision responsible and healthy against risk prevention of traffic accidents.