Security measures to be taken at home before going on holiday

Do not get carried away by the excitement of the holiday summer without first making sure everything at home is under control so that when they return not encounter any unpleasant news.

This is to make small actions at home to prevent fire damage or theft, since the highest rate of robberies in residential homes occurs during the absence of its inhabitants. Why should follow preventive measures to reduce the risk of such problems at home?


If you use gas stoves, should ensure that the gas lever is closed, advised the fire commander Alfonso Medina. “It is also important to confirm that the fans do not get on, then reheated due to high temperatures, these are common causes of fires this season, “added Medina.

Although these measures will prove stressful, you need to put them into practice. “For a few minutes neglect by fire or due to the alien thieves may lose what has cost him years,” said the commander.

Also remember lower switches and allow only those who manage outdoor lighting, said frame, an electrical engineer Ark. Generate in their children the habit of prevention.

Home Tips

  1. Lock your doors and windows but do not let the blinds closed. Many thieves study areas and homes before acting and there is no greater sign home “closed for vacation” several days with closed shutters. Yes, let the curtains drawn so they are not able to see clearly inside the house.
  2. Disconnect the devices Electric, especially appliances, raise the temperature of the refrigerator a bit, because it will not open, turn the switches, leaving only those who manage outdoor lighting.
  3. Recommend your home with someone If you have a relative or friend who lives nearby, or a trusted neighbor, leave a copy of your keys and ask them to pass from time to time to vary the height of the blinds and some visible detail pots and take that step to water them.
  4. Install an alarm is the most obvious choice, but there are models that allow you to literally see what happens at home from your cell phone.
  5. Things do not have to hide Nothing “hide” keys outside. It is the first place anyone would look. Do not leave anything of value in sight. In fact, if you can leave your stuff maximum value or money- -Testimonies to that family member or trusted friend who stays during those days, the better.

What to do with pets?

  1. Stay your pet can do it in a local dog daycare, but make sure it is a clean and safe environment. Take him familiar items like a ball or other toys to help your dog feel comfortable. A blanket or sheet with its scent is also recommended.
  2. Ask for help from people you trust If you leave home, tell a friend or relative who periodically monitored to ensure that there is enough food and water and to let her out if your pet is a dog, so that no there is nothing to clean.
  3. How long can you leave him alone? Please note that to leave your dog should only be a short trip weekend. In addition, your pet must be independent so that it is not altered in its absence. If it is too dependent or nervous, this alternative may not be suitable.
  4. If your pet is a fish Before leaving the water change, make tests according to verify that all parameters are perfect and install a timer to turn on the light on and off at the scheduled time.
  5. Let your pet with someone can take it to a friend’s house during the holidays. Note that if other animals in that place, it should take several times to see if it is adapting.

Other tips to consider

Stay in reserve: Do not comment on his absence to strangers or people outside the family. This way you will avoid alerting people during his absence. It is best that only the necessary people know it

Do not give details of your trip: Never mention the amount of money that has to make the trip. Another important measure is that, if used domestic service, make sure to check references.

Communication is important: It is important to exchange phones with their trusted neighbors for information during your trip. In addition to the pin of the door, place a security lock.

Returning travel: If arriving home found the door or windows enforced, contact the police and not between. Notify your neighbor to arrival to avoid confusion and ask what news.