Public Schools are committed to maintaining a safe and organized for students and employees learning. The school system employs 61 researchers / consultants, 126 security assistants, 4 supervisors, supervisor of technical services, 12 technicians in security, an assistant supervisor and a director. Each high school has two investigators / resident advisors, school resource officer and two or more security assistants.

Regional investigators are assigned to elementary and middle schools, special schools and administrative offices as the educational area. Each middle school is assigned at least one security assistant. Researchers / consultants are agents of police commissioners and certificates and are empowered to make arrests only on the premises of the School Board. They have a responsibility to investigate and prosecute all crimes that occur on school grounds.

Researchers defend and enforce state laws (Code of Maryland Regulations), the administrative staff to help implement the Code of Student Conduct and provide security presence that is critical to maintain an organized environment. Researchers play an integral role in the school environment.

Positive interaction with students and preventive measures help prevent crime and ensure a safe environment at school. Security assistants administrative support schools in monitoring several places on school grounds. They also control surveillance cameras and offer the added security presence of an adult. Security assistants have no authority to make arrests.


All secondary schools and most middle schools have multiple security cameras located inside and outside the building. With proper funding, middle schools will be equipped with cameras by the end of fiscal 2012. The cameras are controlled and serve to prevent inappropriate behavior and to assist in the investigation of incidents.

The system of surveillance cameras Public Schools has been used as a model for other school systems. All Public Schools have emergency plans that address critical incidents inside and outside the campus. Thanks to the cooperation of law enforcement agencies and other county agencies have provided emergency plans, training and workshops to directors and employees of schools. The representatives of the school system participating in the National Security Committee of the county working with local, state and federal planning reactions in emergency situations involving potential influenza pandemic shooters and agencies.

All schools have radio transmitters. Program School Resource Officers allows direct two-way communication with the municipal police department or county. Regional investigators have cellular or Blackberry® phone for immediate response. Public Schools are safer thanks to excellent partnerships with various agencies responsible for law enforcement and public safety. Board of Education has partnered with the County Sheriff’s Department for School Resource Officers assigned to all secondary schools. These people, specially selected and trained, have been assigned to work full time, used the police uniform, guide students and are the key to building trust among our youth. Officers work together with staff of the Department of Security Services, students, employees and visitors in an ongoing commitment to ensure a safe and orderly learning. An Operational Intelligence Group against Gangs was created to identify, communicate and address community fears among students and parents as well as expanding existing programs through local agencies for law enforcement.