Security systems cottages

Something that has to be clear is that security systems for garden or home does not consist of a single element, such as an alarm. A security system consists of several measures that complement each other and play different roles. For something it is called system because it involves many elements.

Summer vacations are close and everyone knows that this is a time when thieves tend to act more frequently as they know that there are many empty houses. So it is also a good time to ask yourself hire a security system for home or business. Either that or hire our businesses concierge, including security services, of course. We explain what elements can be included.


First of all, use common sense. This is something that is repeated year after year at this time on the news and seems to have assumed, but never hurts. We must leave all tightly closed before leaving access and contact with someone known (as a neighbor or family member) to go a few times a week and apparently there are people at home. For example, emptying the mailbox, up and down blinds, turning lights … of course, nothing to announce on social networks that we go on vacation, which today are 2.0 burglars too.


Although it may seem too obvious, the doors are the first by a thief will try to enter your home. Today there is no excuse to have flimsy doors as there are security systems for doors of all kinds. They come with steel plates, solid wood, with steel … everything is little to protect access to your home.


Part of the doors, but they deserve a separate section in this review of security systems for homes, given its importance. To begin, it is recommended that at least two points in each door closing, provided that they are not armored. In addition, they should have multiple anchor points. Finally, neither would most security cylinder with antitaladros shield. There is much beast out there. And on another level, there are also intelligent electronic locks that can be opened even from the phone.



If the foreign friends fail to enter through a door, it is likely that the next step is trying to sneak through the windows. So are the next item to pay attention to safety. On one hand, there are windows that include a lock or bolt, to avoid being open. On the other, there is bulletproof glass that are virtually unbreakable, but perhaps there who is going to budget so it would not be a bad idea to use a glass or two layers with a protective film. Finally, the bars and the bars are also a good solution, but remember that you must be able to be opened from inside out in emergencies.


Everyone thinks in security alarms for houses when talking about home security. But we have seen how many previous deterrents to an alarm system. In any case, at this point, divide alarms into two groups. Although it is a simplification, it is a good way to understand it.

On the one hand, we have the home alarms or alarms to sound companies operating locally. That is, if the detectors perceive something strange, the alarm and the siren starts ringing, alerting the neighborhood or who pass by. In some cases they can notify the owner via a message, but that’s usually. This is a cheaper option and that after all plays a fundamental role because not only alert but also unnerving intruders.

The other method is to alarms that are connected to a PBX, either of a security company or police. This means that when sensors detect something suspicious, they send a signal and soon and reinforcements are on their way. This option provides a faster response, but, on the contrary, more expensive than the foregoing. From here, everyone decides what security systems cottages, homes or businesses want each. That values ​​the options and get on with it, but do not stop taking measures, if they can consult with companies building maintenance, which specialize in it.