Security systems for home

In recent years the burglaries have increased by 73%, according to the latest study by Hotline. Safety or lack of risk is a need for all humans to feel protected. But what happens when you do not feel safe in your own home? The figures are categorical, since the beginning of the crisis in 2009, more than three million homes have been raided in our country.

The number of households with safe, electronic security systems has increased, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). A good door, window quality or safety locks are an investment in terms of confidence.

The Interior Ministry advised to check the doors of access to housing. If they are not armored, it should ensure that at least two points are close and there is no gap between the door and the floor to prevent people make friends gossiping lever.

A reinforced door is characterized by integration therein of a steel plate 1.5 millimeters thick to provide greater consistency to it. The existing fence is reinforced by steel plate on the side of the lock and secured to the wall with six anchors, three on each side, screwed by singing the whole fence-contract ecru-Wall reinforced door. The price of one of these doors is around 900 dollars plus VAT.

For more security you can use the armored doors. For floors sells an armored security suite with double steel armor and an inner fence that provides greater resistance to attempts to fracture forced, drilling, pulling the cylinder, sawing the latches and even collapse of the door.

It has a steel fence six attachment points or anchors to the wall four hinges welded with four pivots anti-stick and anti-sagging. Its price is approximately $1,600 plus VAT and installation included. In the case of single-family homes, companies sell various types of armored glass doors with glazed side and double glazed sheet or a sheet attic. It also has finishes. Among other woods, in ember, sample, walnut or oak.

In companies like Kiosk, marketer of armored doors, they advise the installation of the latter because they provide greater protection to our home. Armored doors having a structure basically wood can give to the use of crowbars and opened more quickly. All their armored doors have a steel fence and both tray and a minimum of eight anti parlance steel pins are inserted into the enclosure itself. Its price is around $1,400 with installation.

We must not forget either the balconies, eaves, ledges of walls, pipes, etc., which can relatively easily climb criminals. In addition, you should pay special attention to windows or terraces close to these points.

Installing shutters with lock and bars inside bar with a spacing of no more than 12 centimeters, according to the Interior Ministry better protect our home.

Without forgetting that greater efficiency in housing security by installing electronic alarm devices.

There are different types on the market, but can be divided mainly into two. Alarms connected to a central reception, which once verified the alarm, alerting the police or not. And alarms they are working in local mode. They have no communication, when the computer detects a foreign presence, just the siren is active in housing, but the client does not receive any notice. Its market price around #70.

The most innovative antitheft systems enable full control of homes wherever we are, such as that offered by Securitas Direct. The Erasure alarm with a simple and intuitive panel control lets you control the movement within the housing, and the opening and closing its doors thanks to electronic keys.

The price of the packs of two hundred thousand dollars to approximately dollars (excluding VAT), to which must be added the monthly installments of between 25 and 40 dollars per month. The quota is divided into two concepts: on the one hand, the verification service signals 24 hours alarm and notify the police if necessary and on the other, usually includes equipment maintenance.

Communication is tamper alarm as it prevents the cancellation of technical or intentional system of fixed telephone line cut. Moreover, its central station verifies alarms seeing and hearing what really happens at the customer, minimizing false alarms and facilitating the intervention of the police.

Securitas Direct for placement of deterrent plaques on the outside of the housing indicating the existence of statistically reduces theft alarms. In cases where despite having alarm occur, according to Securitas Direct says, these are usually faster and with less damage because thieves know that at any time may be surprised by the police.

Poseur other companies as well as protecting the interior of the home security systems such as video detectors, offers its customers the option to install a perimeter alarm.

When an intruder enters the outer area of ​​housing an acoustic signal will be sent to the monitoring station is operated Poseur. All their equipment perimeter alarms have the possibility to be activated partially. That is, if you are inside your home, you can activate certain areas of the house. So, if someone wants to enter, the system detects it, but allows it to move freely inside the house.

This configuration Poseur security system is particularly suitable to be activated overnight. For example, in a two-story house, you can activate the area of ​​the ground floor and leave off the floor, so that the movement of family members not trigger any alarms.